Birth Magical Guided Meditation Series
Birth Magical Guided Meditation Series
Birth Magical Guided Meditation Series

Birth Magical Guided Meditation Series

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A unique guided meditation series to support pregnancy, birth and postpartum, lovingly infused with powerful energy.


  • 6 x 20-minute guided meditations:
  1. Connecting with Your Baby
  2. Manifesting your Dream Birth
  3. Releasing Fear
  4. Surrendering to the Magic of Birth
  5. 40 Days Postpartum Connection
  6. Day 3 Postpartum Support
  • 2-hour Instrumental Meditation Mix
  • 20-minute Shifting Energy Ecstatic Dance Journey

Each guided meditation has been created to promote relaxation, encouraging you to drop deeper into your physical and spiritual experience, carving out time for you to connect with yourself and your beautiful baby. By investing in yourself in this way you are increasing your chances of experiencing the pregnancy, birth and postpartum that you desire and deserve. By prioritising your wellbeing, you are showering yourself and your baby in the most loving embrace as you allow your nervous system to regulate, your dreams to flourish and your visions to become reality.

Within this course there are unique guided meditations specifically tailored to different aspects of your experience. The more you listen and immerse yourself, the more impact they will have. You are a powerful being growing new life, your abilities to create your chosen reality are immense! This series will support you in connecting with your own innate power and wisdom.

Alongside your guided meditations you also have an extended instrumental mix, 2 hours of beautiful and nurturing music to sooth and support you for when you wish to delve into this realm without any lyrics clouding your own unique experience and intuition.

As well as the meditations and instrumental mix, I have curated a 20-minute ecstatic dance journey for you to enjoy. This piece of music offers an immersive experience designed to support you in shifting energy and getting your blood flowing with expressive movement.

Nourishment for your mind, body, baby and soul! May it be so.

With love always, 

Aruba Red xo