Incense Collection - Aruba Red - Set of 3
Incense Collection - Aruba Red - Set of 3

Incense Collection - Aruba Red - Set of 3

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Each beautifully presented box of incense contains:
  • An original Aruba Red song quotation which can be used as a positive affirmation
  • Approximately 40 x 4" sticks of natural incense wrapped in protective recycled paper
  • Gorgeous minimalist incense holder
  • Link to a specially curated playlist that will compliment each individual scent to help deepen your experience
  • Once the incense has been used, the presentation box can be kept to store your jewellery, crystals and other special trinkets.
Collect all 3 original Aruba Red natural incense boxes to cater for all moods and make a sweet saving of £12! 

Blue / Frankincense - Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and is said to aid hormone balance. This blend has been selected to support you emotionally and assist you in transforming your pain into your greatest super power. 

Goddess Vibes / Austha Suganda- Main ingredients: Valarian and Liquorice have been blended to aid anxiety, restlessness, headaches and digestive issues, gently stimulating and balancing the adrenal glands to help you feel grounded and empowered.

Violet Electric / Na Swa- Main ingredients: Spikenard, Nagi, Mace, Kum-Kum, Rukeshar and Himalayan Pencil Cedar have been blended as an anti-inflammatory aid and to support uterine health. Your creativity, inspiration and intuition will be stimulated helping you feel uplifted and powerful.